Coops and Condominiums

We represent the boards of directors of several cooperative apartment corporations in Westchester County as both legal counsel and transfer agent.

  • As legal counsel to boards of directors, we attend and often conduct annual shareholder meetings, as well as special shareholder meetings, and provide advice on legal issues relevant to the cooperative corporation, including advising on financing and refinancing of underlying mortgages on the building.
  • We negotiate, prepare, review and revise agreements between the cooperative corporation and third party service providers, such as telecommunications and cell tower agreements. 
  • As transfer agent, we prepare all transfer documents in connection with sales of cooperative apartments, including stock certificates and proprietary leases. 
  • We have also advised  a number of condominiums and homeowners associations regarding issues that are particular to those entities.
  • We have successfully reduced the tax assessments, and thereby the real estate tax burden, for over 100 condominium/cooperative properties.  These reductions have often equated to substantial tax refunds and savings for ownership.  Through our appraisers, we can make a preliminary evaluation of your case at no charge to you to determine whether a case would be worthwhile to pursue.